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We work with small businesses who want to be seen and heard. We help you define your brand in a way that resonates with who you are and what you do. Then we design the way to get your brand out there.

Brand Strategy

Your brand deserves to be as awesome as you. We’ll help you uncover what it is that makes your business unique and bring your vision to life. We support out clients through branding refinement, revamps, or starting from scratch!

Social Media Strategy + Management

No matter if you are new to business or are in a great growth phase, we’ll work with your to devise the right social strategy to get you to connected to your audience.


Membership + Courses

We love working 1:1 with our clients, but want to know what we love even more?? Helping women on a bigger scale! That’s why we created our Hustle + Flow Business Mentorship and our DIY Kits.

Website Design

If you don’t have a site, do you even exist!?! We partner with website designers to help you get the website that will help to build your brand, reflect your value, and tell your audience everything they need to know. 


Shiny Brands

Social Posts

Cups of Coffee + Tea

make your brand + messaging a priority.

we certainly will.

Why Your Brand Matters

Your brand is like your handshake. Your smile. Your hello. Your brand inspires people to like you. Or not. A clear, consistent, and authentic brand can help you boost your business and attract the clients you desire.

How Your Social Media Connects with Your Audience

Social media is so much more than tools to connect with friends. Business owners just like you have the power to reach an audience like never before and engage with people on a global scale. Your audience is out there, you just have to find them.

Make An Impression That Matters

You only get one chance to make a first impression. A brand that flows smoothly from your website to your opt-ins to your email marketing and through to your social media creates an impression that matters: an impression that you’re a professional in your space who knows exactly what you are doing.


Testimonials & Featured Clients

Melissa and Julia were professional, yet personable. They held my hand and were patient with my decisions, wants, and needs. I admired their skills and valued their thought and opinions. I 100% trusted them! I now have a BEAUTIFUL website, logo and brand. I have clear visions about my business, who I am as a business, and where I’m going as a business!

Renée Tanaka, Founder @ They Call Me MAMA

I reached out to Melissa when I needed to learn how to better use LinkedIn for business. She helped me navigate how to set up my personal and business pages properly, what type of language to use according to my business and most importantly, the proper etiquette when adding connections and building relationships. My time with Melissa was very valuable!

Kristi Hargrove, Owner @ Strength by Kris

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5 Social Media Trends of 2020 to Pay Attention To

5 Social Media Trends of 2020 to Pay Attention To

The last decade saw social media get taken over by marketers like it’s what it was born to do (FYI, social media is pretty much the only medium that was NOT made for the purpose of distributing advertisements). What social media trends are going to impact 2020? It...



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