Hashtags… #dowehaveto 


Hashtags are a widely known thorn in business owners sides…and we get A LOT of questions about them.
⁉️ Do they go in the caption?
⁉️Do they go in the comment?
⁉️ Do I use 30?
⁉️ Do I use 5?
⁉️ Do I use ones that are niche specific?
⁉️ Can I make up my own?
⁉️ Do I need them at all?

3 Hashtag Tips Straight from Instagram

Here are our top 3 tips on using hashtags on your posts that came straight from Instagram themselves ?
1️⃣ Make sure to add your hashtags to your caption
2️⃣ 8-10 hashtags is all you really need, but you can definitely put in 30 and track your analytics to see which ones are bringing in the most views!
3️⃣ Hashtags are not the most important part of your social strategy, so don’t let them stress you out

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