Your Marketing Message Matters: Check In On What You’re Saying

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Are people really pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down? When it comes to your marketing message, you need to make sure that what you are saying clearly defines the value and service of what you do as well as the benefit of what people will get from you. How do you really know if it’s effective though? 

Your marketing message isn’t a one-and-done kind of situation, meaning it’s not something you make up one day and just let it ride for the eternity of your business. Instead, you should be nurturing your message just like you nurture your audience. Check in with it, do a little market research, and test it out. Make sure that it’s all working together smoothly. 

Checking In On Your Messaging 

Evaluating your message on an ongoing basis will allow you to make sure that it is hitting on all the right points: your value proposition, your strategy, your goals, your values, your mission…you get the point. You want to make sure that what you are saying is up-to-date and reflects your business in real time. But more importantly, you want to make sure that your audience is understanding what you are saying. 

Do A Little Market Research 

The best way to find out if what you are saying resonates with your desired audience is to ask them straight out. Conducting market research is an excellent way for you to gather feedback from your audience on what impressions they have about your business. Ask them what you do, how you help your clients, what kind of product or service you provide, what your credibility or authority on the subject is, and what is unique about you. If they can’t answer this, then you know that there is disconnect between what you are sending out and what they are perceiving 

Test Out Your Message 

The fun thing about marketing is that you can test things out. Whether you do some A/B testing, targeted testing, or time based testing, you can try out different messages and marketing formats to see what works best. If you are going to do testing, however, just be sure that you are documenting your efforts and the response you are getting. 

The messaging you create for your business sets the stage for the expected experience and expertise that you provide. Regularly checking in on your messaging will help you stay focused and stay connected with your goals.  

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