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by | Apr 30, 2019 | Client Portfolio Story

You know that person you meet who just exudes confidence and strength and you immediately want to know more about her? That’s Kim. She is a Transformation and Life Coach who works with women who want get their power back. She helps her clients “Get Your Sexy Back” by taking them through a very in depth and personal journey to uncover who they truly are and find the confidence within to be that awe-inspiring woman.

Get Your Sexy Back offers individualized coaching programs to women. Kim has spent her career working for herself, building up multiple successful businesses. She is a photographer, a Reiki practitioner, an Emotion Code practitioner (Google this, seriously, it’s cool!), and an avid seller and user of Young Living Essential Oils. She completed training through The School of Woman Arts to help her connect with the spirit of womanhood. She has been able to blend her holistic trainings with her life coaching to develop a program for women that taps into those secret and hidden places to release barriers to allow them to, well, get their sexy back.



Kim is incredibly passionate about her program. Empowering women is high on her list of priorities. The key challenge that Kim faced in communicating the purpose and value of her program was that she had too much to say and didn’t know how to focus it down. She connected us with us to help her refine her messaging and connect it with her audience.

The key areas we focused on with Kim were:

  • Identifying the common pain points that will resonate the most with her audience
  • Write website copy that both sells her value, demonstrated the outcomes of her program, and is aligned with ideal customer needs
  • Develop consistent key word messaging that can be used in various marketing messaging
  • Create an email marketing funnel that provides a consistently branded journey for subscribers


Kim’s brand was already established. She knew who she was, and how she wanted her audience to perceive her. We worked with Kim to understand who that person is to help us build the foundation of brand communications. We reviewed in depth with her who her ideal client was, what pain points they experience. We then stepped away to focus on how to connect who she is with the needs of her ideal client. We honed down her client pain points from over a dozen to just a small handful that would hit deep with her audience and resonate on several levels.



Kim already had a website on the go. She was very happy with the look and feel of her site, but she knew that her copy wasn’t action-oriented and that it wasn’t conveying what she wanted. We developed website copy that included appropriate headers, calls to action, and drove both the value of her programs and inspired an emotional connection. We provided copy for her home page, Work With Me, Praise, About Kim, and Contact.

Visit her website here.



When it comes to marketing your business, we go by this rule of thumb: Keep saying the same thing over and over until it sinks in. To help Kim keep her messaging on track, we were able to provide her with a handful of key statements and messages that she could use over and over in her marketing efforts. We wanted to make sure that those messages were aligned with her brand, drove her value, and were easily repeatable.

“Every woman deserves to know and harness the power of who SHE is. It’s her divine right.”

“Being a woman gives you power. Reign in that power.”

“Get Your Sexy Back is for the woman who wants to unapologetically lay claim to all that she is and can be.”




Having a solid lead magnet on your website is one thing, but having a solid email funnel that goes with it is another. Kim had already developed her lead magnets and had them placed on her website. As we started talking about her lead magnets we started to dig into her customer journey that ensued once they hit that “I want this” button. We recommended to transition the three individual lead magnets into a single opt-in series that provided the triple the value. We then  developed a funnel to help build up trust and her authority in her space while providing that value. The sequence brought the customer through a path where they learn more about Kim, why she cares so much about what she does, why she wants to help them, and finishes with a call to action to get them to reach out to her directly. We carefully crafted the language to ensure it was on brand and contained those key messages over and over.

Kim was an inspiring client to work with. Her passion is contagious and her integrity is admirable. Her program is going to change a lot of lives out there, and all for the better! We’re so happy that we were able to help her refine her messaging to connect sincerely with her audience.

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