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There are 365 days in a year. Do you have 365 things to say? Our free 2019 Content Planning Calendar will help you map out what you can talk about and organize what to post and when to post it.

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"The approach to networking that Melissa + Julia lay out is ‘non stuffy’ and easy to apply. It allowed me to see that I could make in-person networking what I wanted, and I was allowed to set the boundaries. The next day I went to the event and felt calm; I was able to connect with many women and even met my VA through this experience." Kit: Networking Blueprint

Melanie K | Networking Blueprint

"Your workbook really simplified the process for me and helped me understand how to go about it in a way that made my resume irresistible to the potential employer I was sending it to. I was able to zero in on some key language that helped me get a call back and interview right away. The template was an absolute game-changer and made the process of creating a new resume simple and stress-free."

Justine C | Resume Revival

"I found so much insight and motivation in the set yourself straight guide! It is thorough and focused and asks all the right questions - ones I would never have thought to ask myself while planning my future. It also feels like you are talking to a friend over coffee, rather than being a stiff, generic questionnaire. Highly recommended."

Rebecca B | Set Yourself Straight

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