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by | Apr 30, 2019 | Client Portfolio Story

We met Will at a very unexpected place at just the right time – a health expo. What started off as a conversation around career support ended up as conversation around building up his photography business brand and establishing realistic goals to boost his business.

William Riquelme is a photographer based in Stratford, Ontario. He has built up his client portfolio with weddings, headshots, and modelling shoots. He has a delightfully calm ability to set his clients at ease and help them relax in front of the camera to help capture more authentic and sincere photos.



Will is a dedicated photographer. He does his best to keep up with technology and trends in photography and to build up his network. Our conversation landed where it did when he expressed his interest in building up his photography business by gaining more traction on his social media and becoming more consistent in his communications.

The key areas we focused on with Will were:

  • Identify his core areas of service and who his target clients were
  • Write branded and consistent website copy
  • Develop a manageable social media strategy to reach those targets
  • Help him develop achievable goals to develop his business


    Will had been building his business for a while, but when it came to directing his marketing to any particular group, he wasn’t sure how to go about it. We spent time with Will mapping out what kind of photography services he wanted to provide and who his ideal clients would be for each area. We developed Ideal Client Profiles that he could leverage in the future when creating marketing campaigns and plans.



    Will was supporting two websites at the time we started working with him. One for weddings and one for everything else. We worked with him to streamline everything into one site, and developed written copy to go on the single site.

    We provided copy for his Home page, About, Weddings, Headshots, Portraits, and Contact page. The focus with the copy was to help impress upon the story that photographs can make and the memories that can be captured, while featuring Will’s unique talents.

    We developed some key phrases for him to use off the website that align with the content.

    The opening statement on his home page reads:

    Create. Compose. Capture.

    That is what I do. From the moment I meet you I start to create a vision of what your experience will look like and feel like. I pay attention to the details – to the light, to the colour, to the mood, to the personality, to the positioning – to get the right composition. And then I capture all the moments that will tell you story.

    Visit Will’s website here.



    For Will’s social media, we explored different platforms that he could build a following on. We explored Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The goal with his social media strategy was to make it manageable for him; something that he could build over time.

    Each platform has its value and connects with a different audience segment. For example, LinkedIn is an ideal spot to promote his services for headshots and Pinterest is ideal for connecting with potential wedding clients.

    Just like his two websites, he had two Instagram accounts: one focusing on weddings, and one on everything else. We created an Instagram strategy with him to focus on a single account where he could feature all aspects of his work. We helped to optimize his profile, boosting its ability to be found. We provided him not only with the strategy to put in place, but also introduced him to tools that he could leverage to better manage his social media accounts.

    Will’s social media strategy was a long term plan. One that allowed him to get comfortable and see results in one spot before moving on to the next.



    There is more to the success of your business brand than copy and images. There is the follow through, the interaction, and the way you plan your actions. We helped Will to map out what his next year could look like and what steps he would need to get there. This included looking at the big picture of client acquisition, network building, marketing schedules, and financial goals. We helped Will to look objectively at what his goals were and understand how to break them down and start taking action on them.


    Will was a pleasure to work with. We loved being to explore his business with him, understand how he works and who he works with. Watching him become more confident on social media and start putting his face into his own marketing has been amazing. If you’re looking for a photographer in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Stratford, or London, give him a call! He won’t disappoint!

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