When Women Empower Women, We All Grow

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Business, entrepreneur, Podcast

As October comes to a close and we wrap up our Small Business Month series over on our Behind the Mompire podcast, we want to celebrate the amazing women from our community who helped us bring this series to life.  Amazing things happen when women empower women! We love seeing female entrepreneurs raise each other up.

Money Mindset with Paula Wilimek 

We had the opportunity to learn about all things money with financial consultant Paula Wilimek. We chatted about our money stories and got some eye-opening tips for female entrepreneurs including why we all need to put in the work to change our Money MindsetWeven got some nagging financial questions of our own answered!  

If you like what you hear and want to up your financial literacy game, visit Paula’s website, wilimekfinancial.com . Check out her upcoming Change Your Money Story Workshop.

Get Your Legal Ducks In a Row with Andrea Henry 

If you are anything like us, you may just realize you have a lot to learn when it comes to the sometimes overlooked investment of legal security. Business lawyer Andrea Henry schooled us about how to go about the importance of getting your legal ducks in a row and why it is an essential piece to building a thriving business. She is a wealth of knowledge and shared so much, including the best way to protect your IP. Turns out it is simpler concept than you might think (hint: customized contracts) 

Check out her comprehensive guide to legal protection, The Secure Startup. Visit her website here www.henrybusinesslaw.com/or find her over on Instagram. 

Supporting Women in Business with Sara Bingham 

Sara Bingham is the Executive Director of Women’s Entrepreneurship Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University and we got to talking with her on why building up other women in business and beyond is so important. She shared her own journey into entrepreneurship with us and talked about the programs she spearheads that are tailored to helping you grow your business at any stage you might find yourself, whether that be Day 1 or Year 3. Visit the The Women’s Entrepreneurship Center to learn about their programming. You can also connect to the program, sign up for their newsletter, and access awesome workshops by going here. And of course, check them out on Instagram here and LinkedIn.

Making Your First Hire with Denise Christie 

Something that has been coming up a lot for us in our discussions this month is “How do you know when the right time is to hire someone?” So the universe stepped in and sent Denise Christie from Inner Talents Consulting⁠ our way! She gives us the answers about how you know you’re ready to take the leap, handy interview topics and other useful nuggets. If you are looking to expand your small business and are wanting for the right kind of support, visit Denise’s website, www.innertalentsconsulting.com.

We enjoyed participating in this series so much and the amount of new knowledge we walked away with is insurmountableNot only are we feeling motivated, but we feel supported in the small business community we are thankful to be a part of. 

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