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every woman building a business should know what to say and where to say it.


Our core Brand + Social Media 6 month coaching program – Hustle + Flow Business Mentorship – can be customized to meet you where you are at in your business and in life. Yeah, we said life. Because we know that being a busy woman with a million roles is hard, and spending focused time dedicated on your growing business can be a challenge. Whether you’re playing the mom, the adult, the business owner, or whoever it is that is pulling you in a million directions, we can work with you at the pace that works for you and help to keep you motivated and accountable while getting you organized in your business, clear on your brand, and your social media working for you.

Lean In and work with us 1:1

If your brand isn’t resonating with your audience, your business isn’t going to grow the way it should.

We do more than help our clients develop their business story and find the right place to share it. We help them put all the pieces in place.

Here’s the thing about your business. It’s YOUR business and it needs YOUR expertise. We’ll work with you to figure out what you need to put in place to help you boost your brand, and then coach you on how to make it happen. Leveraging our Hustle + Flow program, we’ll create a custom experience that will draw on your expertise and benefit from our magic with words and strategy to create a brand that reflects exactly who you are and resonates with your audience. We’ll connect you to outside resources (think web designers, copywriters, graphic artists, etc) as needed to ensure that you build a brand that is flawless and that you love.

You’ll benefit from monthly 1:1 coaching call with Melissa and Julia individually, where we’ll dive into your business, your brand, and your social media, while giving you the support you need to overcome the hurdles of being a busy woman with a million things to do, including building a business. You will also be able to tap into the hive-mind of our Group Mentorship members who are all doing the same thing as you – being an awesome boss in your biz.

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join the hive mind with our group mentorship program

Too much hustle and not enough flow in your business?

We know that running a business can be *so hard* when you’ve got to be doing it all. But we also know that you’re a woman committed to her business and that you CAN crush it, if only you had a little extra help.

Hustle + Flow Business Mentorship was designed with community in mind. We connect with each member individually to create a custom plan that will meet you where you are to guide you on how to best spend your time in our program.

Our program is built on the foundation of having a solid understanding of yourself and your business. Without these, you simply cannot create an authentic brand that represents you and your business. With that authentic and clear brand in place, you can begin to develop a social media strategy where you can leverage your brand voice to connect with and engage your audience. One piece does not exist without the other.

These are our goals for our members:

  • To get organized in their approach to business
  • To get clear on their value
  • To understand their audience
  • To refine their brand so it reflects the value they deliver
  • To create social media strategies that work for them

Members in the group program participate in monthly group coaching calls and receive regular email check-ins to provide motivation and inspiration. Group members can at any time add on sets of 1:1 coaching to help them boost performance.

    Do It Yourself with Kits + Courses

    If you love diving in and figuring it all out yourself, check out our Kits + Courses

    We’ve pulled apart all that we do and offer one-off kits and full-on courses that you can work through at your own pace as you need it.


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